7. Spieltag Damen 1

AVC Köln - SG Aachen

Von Tina Nguyen am 12 Februar 2019 in: 1. Damen » Spielberichte

Opponent: SG Aachen
Location: Away game
Date: 01.12.2018

We won the first set 25 to 6 points, playing very clean technically with Lissy setting and establishing the tone of play. At the end of the first set, Tina substituted in for Lissy at 22 to 4 points, lost 2 points and then finished the set. Starting out a little shaky, Tina continued to set for the remaining two sets. The second set we won 25 to 18 points. Ronja came in for Mali in the third set. No time outs were called on our side throughout the entire match. Some highlights from the game:

• Toni hit some great line shots, although the majority were dug up by the opposing libera, she then switched up the speed and tipped one right behind the block scoring a great point.
• Hannah played consistently and ripped one through the block just behind the 3 meter line.
• Ronja made good contact and scored on the first set of the game. She played consistently throughout the set and gained confidence and positivity as the set progressed.
• Overall the hitters found their confidence this game and started to really lean into their hits.
• Lea replaced Laura as libero this game and did great picking up tips and reading plays.
• Overall service reception was consistent and well placed.
• Although Tina’s hands were not as clean as they could have been, she gained confidence moving the ball around.

After this game win, the team sits in second place on the score board.

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